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oliver marks

One other notable difference between US 'football' and the rest of the world's calcio/soccer/football is the league system of promotion and relegation for the top and bottom teams in each league at the end of the season.

The global enterprise software giants play in a rarified, sealed super league similar to the NFL, where soccer is far more prone to team meteoric rises and collapses, similar to the stock market darling/ crash and burn world of hi tech.

The NFL, like the global erp enterprise giants, is a very closed world with arcane rules (many imposed by different political systems round the world) with a typical total of around 11 minutes of live ball play in a 3+ hour game. (Does this remind you of an erp conference event in any way?). :)

Soccer is a continuous flow 90 minutes of 'move fast and try to break things' tactical manoeuvering, far more like the startup world especially in terms of break throughs.

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