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Peter Smith

Well that all sounds pretty straightforward! hope to tempt you back to the UK for the cheese and claret one day Jason - very interesting article though, joking aside. Peter

Jason Busch

Thanks, Peter!

I've even modified things since this post a bit ... I'm getting back to some more intense workouts (running mostly).

I realized that slowing down too much with Zone 2 training alone (with essentially no variation) had a negative impact on systolic blood pressure over the course of a month (although the resting heat rate got to be even too low by my standards). But within a couple of days of some aerobic training and some anaerobic high intensity work, all was back to normal.

I need to write a blog on this stuff all the time ... there's new hacks to try everyday (and the routine makes the "cheat days" all the more enjoyable too). And speaking of that, of course, claret and good stilton will be in order as soon as we can get together again soon. We can't forget the good things in life!

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