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52 analysts @ 8 hrs/shift x 5 shifts/wk x 3 weeks = 52 analysts working 120 hours = 6,240 analyst hours processing 5,000 video hours = 1.25 analyst hour per 1 hour video review, suggesting all the value-added activities of review - ID, tagging, crime assessment, logging, etc -- takes 15 minutes per video hour. So the advantage of LEVA comes in that 15 minute chunk. I guess it could take longer WITHOUT LEVA, but one wouldn't exactly call this transformational. Or, am I missing something?

vinnie mirchandani

Zach, it is transformational in sense that it normalizes video from multiple sources/formats and allows for review virtually from multiple locations. Given the need for criminal evidence to be well documented it does that well. Clearly the analytical part could be expedited, and I am sure DARPA has analytical technology which is still classified. Crowdsourcing and Amazon Mechanical Turk could expand the review pool by a huge factor, but given sensitive nature of investigation and chance of bias, not sure it can be used easily.

vinnie mirchandani

Zach, at the RNC at Tampa, tools from AISight looked for certain patterns in video frames. Sure some of that is being used in Boston. see


vinnie mirchandani

Finally, an analyst or drone operator can access 65 screens simultaneously using tech like Argus so that should make pattern recognition that much quicker and better


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