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Fact Spreaders is a much-needed innovation. The audience of an important site like Politifact is tiny - 340k monthly visitors (http://static.politifact.com/advertising/PolitiFact_DataSheet.pdf) - meaning its message about truth in political, while vital to our democracy, is reaching far too few members of the public. And those who voluntarily access that information, I'm guessing, are not exactly representative of the broader and generally uninformed public (I'm generalizing, of course). Twitter and other forms of social media should jump on the opportunity to engage with and facilitate initiatives like Fact Spreaders; the business case is clear (Tweets are Tweets, regardless of subject, and tweets make Twitter money), and the public good of harnessing viral behavior can't be understated. It would also be interesting to know whether projects like Fact Spreaders can spread to other media (digital or otherwise), ranging from TV commercials or news tickers and video game consoles to street art. A comprehensive, multi-media "Politifact Evangelist" would be one innovation that could promote viral knowledge and more informed political participation.

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