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I do not believe this comment is appropriate for this blog but still I couldn't resist making the comment anyway. With so much discussion about how college loans are impacting students in the long term, is a $699 ultrabook or $999 macbook really required for back to school backpacks? What is it that the students can do with these expensive laptops that they cannot with a $300 or $350 laptop (I am not talking about netbooks)? It is none of my business as to how much people spend on their personal needs but I am forced to listen to them complain about how expensive student loans are. While a $300 saving is a small drop in the ocean, it all adds up in the end and savings like these would go a long way in reducing the debt burden.

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I’m ecstatic I discovered your website and blogs.

vinnie mirchandani

Ganesh, my laptops last 2 years - my travel, no desktop version to share workload etc. I for one cannot question a student who is on a similar schedule...of course, for some it is a case of vanity - have to get latest and given your student loan scenario I would also question

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