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Two questions come immediately to mind, the first being why 2035 what's the delay?

The second is of a practical nature and out of my depth of knowledge; I get that runways need to be a certain length and this plane would be able to use shorter ones but with a wider wingspan will airports be affected by that and have additional costs to "widen" their runways or rather the distance between runways for safety purposes? Maybe a problem for larger airports already crowded and for smaller airports they may simply not have the room?

Innovation is great but does it count if it incurs massive additional secondary costs to simply benefit from the first?

and of course theirs always the additional thought -- is the public ready to hear their big giant jet engines being powered down, I hear complaints about electric cars not being "loud" enough, I could forsee initial panic amongst those passengers already nervous about flying to begin with...do engineers and project leads on projects such as this take the psychological impact of their design changes into account?

Granted Vinnie you may not be the one to ask but hey you always bring the coolest things to the surface :-)

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