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John Bindeman, DDS

Hi Vinnie,

Very nice blog. Thank you for the kind words. The only product I forgot to mention was the composite filling material. I used Grandio made by VOCO. This is one of 3 brands of composite that I have in the office. There are probably 15 or so different brands. They are all of a similar chemistry. They use a resin with Quartz or Barium glass filler particles.

Steve Robbins

Modern dentistry placed an emphasis on patient's comfort and care. Dental technology is developed to meet the demands of consumers. The development of high-tech dental care equipment has led to an era of pain-free dentistry. Dental technology is making everyone's lives simpler! Thanks to advancements in dental technology, dentists now have the dental tools they need to practice dentistry at the highest level.

Jesse Hake

Oh, technology has come a long way to improve dental practice. With those hi-tech gadgets that can be used, dental practice has become easier and more accurate. I just hope these will be used the right way. :)

Dentist Tucson AZ

I agree that modern dentistry is focused on the care of the patient and also in improving accuracy. Things like digital X-Rays make the process quicker, more accurate, and make the information easier to access in the future.

Jordan West

This is such a great article. Thank you for sharing! All dentists seem to be getting the most updated equipment. A dentist in tucson az really surprised me of how nice is office and work place was. His dental assistants were really nice and didn't destroy my mouth. Do you know of any other places where there are great dentists?

Valerie Knowles

Wonderful site. I always wonder why people are always afraid of going to dentists? However, I guess modern gadgets would help lessen the fear people have over dentistry. And awareness on proper oral hygiene must always be given every now and then. Guess that would come on handy.

ascot vale dentist

Dental Technology is the technical side of dentistry. I believe that the satisfaction comes from knowing you are the one that made it possible for that person to smile again.

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