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Bill Lenherr

Adoption of technology and compounding the efficiency gained can be as important as innovation of new technology. Through the use of computers, VPNs and IP telephony the team at High Rocks, mentioned above, has managed to broaden their impact without significantly increasing staff.

As founder Susan Burt identified, girls in middle school want to be lawyers, doctors, engineers and astronauts. Unfortunatelty a lot of them lose this vision in their high school years. High Rocks provides guidance and a safety net for girls to find the path to college and to become industry leaders like Kathy Brittan-White.

Check it out at http://www.highrocks.org !

Kathy Brittain-White

Rural Sourcing is one example of the power of technology to change the lives of the under-served. Geographical barriers are removed with high-speed internet connections and other technology innovations allows a workforce to reside anywhere. This opens up an untapped and capable workforce changing the workforce and the lives of many people.

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