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Dave bennett

Devan, still trying to get to grips with actually teaching the new mixing software. The youngsters pick it up almost without any effort, just us old farts who struggle I guess. And as for letting anyone play my Fender strat......aint gonna happen!


Dave, Too right - I still cannot get the hang of a proper mixing console, nor the new effects rigs that guitarists seem to use these days.

My rig is as uncomplex as it can be - my Strat or Les Paul directly into my Mesa Boogie Mk II. Sometimes a Boss DS-1 pedal in between for extra crunch, but that's it.

Only 6 knobs to twiddle on the Boogie too! Even I can get the hang of that...

Angele Martin

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Tom Fontana

Interesting to read about the then-and now of a guitarist. One thing though, those wireless transmitters usually degrade sound quality, so I prefer using the good old mess of cables.


This is a great comparison of new and old. As a player that came in between the ends of your spectrum I've had experience with both. A lot of the new toys are cool, but they just don't have that "sound" like the older gear. And sadly the younger players won't get that. Having worked in a recording studio during the paradigm shift from analog tape to pure ProTools, I really miss the analog sound. Younger guys think of it as "old sounding" or even "muddy", but that's the "sound". There is NOTHING like cranking a tube amp to 10 and slamming it to a 2" Studer tape machine. Line 6 can't make that in a box.

Mastering Guitar Lessons

Cool Kids on the picture. Great share and very informative. I probably want to try the Wireless transmitters.

Learn and Master Guitar

Wireless transmitters sounds very interesting. This is something I always want to have.

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