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Glad to see you posting on cricket. It is simply the best game in the world. It combines history and innovation in a way we could all learn from. Next time you are in India, ask someone to take you to a game, at eden gardens, perhaps. then watch some kids playing on the beach or in a street. maybe have a go...

Bob's murder is really tragic. He was a pioneer of many innovations in the game, and he is a great loss.

Please watch the youtube clip on my recent post here, and you will see some really fast paint in action.


This world cup cricinfo are providing a virtual simulation of the game! With severe online broadcasting restrictions cricinfo offer text based commentary and an application that shows virtual cricketers simulating the game! It runs a few balls behind the real action. Not sure if this is an innovation or just a poor substitute for live action.

But for real in depth technology try the place all bowlers go to have a suspect bowling action checked. The Western Australia School of Human Movement and Exercise Science and the biomechanical testing and recommendations of 15 degrees of extension in bowling a legal delivery.

Remember when bowling used to be simple?



Yes. Cricket has come a long way with the One day cricket and the new 20-20 games. Innovation is the order of the day in every single aspect of the game. Innovative batting, Doosras, fielding (see Gibbs' run out of Chamara Silva yesterday). Aakash Chopra, a "failed" Indian cricketer nows plays for an English County and writes on the game. He is probably one of the best cricketer-writer that is around these days. Read his latest article on innovations in batting in the recent years (http://www.htcricket.in/htcricket/8170_1959981,001601420009.htm). Fantastic article.

vinnie mirchandani

Srini, the link is broken..can you repost?



Hope this works. If not, google for Aakash Chopra and HT Cricket. You should find it pretty easily.

Happy Reading!

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