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Jason Wood

Vinnie...I LOVED this post. Kudos!

At some point, when I'm a minority owner in the Eagles (it could happen!), I'm going to contract you to make sure Philly is bleeding edge in all facets of infotech deployment. :)

viinnie mirchandani

Jason, only if I can rig it so the Bucs win the playoffs!

You may enjoy also how tech has changed a few other sports

Tech and baseball


Tech and Winter Games


Tech and Daytona 500



From an English Chartered Accountant's viewpoint [Chartered Accountant = CPA) (i.e. I don't understand American football) when will these changes enter accountancy? See first paragraph.

vinnie mirchandani

Stuart, there are other posts on technology influencing your football (soccer), cricket - the search blog should allow you to find them on this blog.

Also this post was written in 2005. If you have not seen much innovation in accountancy since, maybe time for another profession?

Kidding aside, I see scanning and imaging and barcoding and mobile technology change accounts payable/payment processes, massive analytical capabilities reshape forensic accounting, SaaS models allowing for accounting firms to move from local offices to global delivery, new opportunities for SAS 70 and other audits in world of cloud computing.

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