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Bill Shields

How many people have been put on this team of mapping the (http://www.calgarysprinklersystems.com/about.asp) irrigation systems? It seems to me like it would take a lot of work. Did any of the members come from Calgary? I may know one or 2 if they did.


This is great. I would love to do this to improve my irrigation systems in Calgary. Thank you so much for posting this.

Anne Lawrence

I've heard that in Paris, they do tours of what used to be their irrigation system. Do they do that in Afghanistan, too? I think it'd be so interesting to see other countries' methods.

vinnie mirchandani

Anne, not sure but tourism in general as not featured Afghanistan much in a while because of the strife, war etc. I think someday it would be a attractive country to visit because of its rugged terrain and yes, lots of history.


It must be quiet the job to map out the ancient Afghan irrigation systems. They are rather large and they are very different from the systems that we have today. This is one of those things that I am very glad have developed and drastically changed over the years and have gotten better.

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