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Phil Fersht

Good post - I'd say a combo of low-tech social and very big data.

Romney's camp over-relied on TV and "hoped" it would have results, whereas Obama's were literally trawling church halls, union meetings, local community gatherings etc making sure the same people came out again to vote - it worked even better than last time, as they had the data from last time and 4 years of added research to help them get really focused. It was the continuity from last time which was the decisive factor.

Also believe this election showed where broad media advertising starts to lose effectiveness after a certain level of saturation. You need a certain amount of ads to reinforce the messages (both +ve and -ve), but after a while the electorate mentally switches off from them. I believe many of the TV networks (and old school advertising consultants) were giving Romney's camp poor information per the efficacy of TV campaigns. Selling votes isn't the same as insurance policies...

Romney actually ran Obama really close in Ohio (which should have been an Obama slam-dunk) because his camp really got on the ground there and pulled out all the stops.

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